You spoke. We listened.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2021 survey and took the time to share with us their thoughts on commuting to Langara. In total, we received 3,759 responses from domestic students, international students, staff and faculty.

The survey results have been used to inform our decisions and shape our policies, from purchasing additional EV charging stations to advocating for better transit services. At Langara, we are constantly striving to improve our campus for our community, and there is no better way to do that than to hear how we can do so from the community itself.

Here are some highlights from our 2021 Report:

  • The COVID-19 pandemic caused a shift in travel patterns: many respondents reported a modal shift from transit to car commute. While the total number of students and employees commuting to Langara has decreased, the average number of driving trips they make to all destinations in a normal week increased over the last two years.
  • The Primary Mode of Transportation to Langara is Transit for Majority of Commuters: A new question was introduced to the survey in 2021 to determine the respondents’ primary mode of transportation to Langara. Among all respondents, 67% selected “transit” and 24% selected “car” as their primary mode of transportation.

  • Over 80% of Trips to or from Langara are made by Sustainable Modes: The 2021 survey respondents together reported making 26,537 one-way trips to or from Langara in a normal week, and 81% of them were by sustainable modes (walking, cycling and transit).

  • Less Commuters Getting Passed Up by Over-Capacity Bus or Train: Although overcrowding continues to be a major issue, the percentage of respondents that said they had been passed up by a bus or a train when travelling to Langara declined significantly from 81% in the 2019 survey to 58% in the 2021 survey.

  • Satisfaction with Langara Services Continues to Improve among Cyclists: Cycling to Langara is convenient with a number of bikeways nearby, and 11% of respondents have biked to Langara. Their level of satisfaction with various Langara services for cyclists including showers, exterior bicycle parking, and on-campus security of bicycles improved from 2019 to 2021.

  • Better Communication Needed about Travel-Related Services: The percentage of respondents that were aware of the location of electric vehicle charging stations increased from 29% in 2019 to 33% in 2021. 

  • Majority of Langara Commuters are Satisfied: Overall, 13% of the respondents are very satisfied and 45% are satisfied with their commute to Langara. The level of satisfaction is higher among those who bike or walk to Langara.

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