How do you get to Langara? In November 2023, you told us. We surveyed students, staff, and faculty about commuting to Langara. We collected 2,941 responses from 1,108 domestic students, 1,119 international students, 377 staff members, and 337 faculty members.

The survey captures information about how people commute to Langara and the use of transportation-related services like transit, parking, and bike facilities. The information we collect informs our approach as we work to continually improve campus for our community. Improvements since the first iteration of the survey have included increased EV infrastructure and more cycling facilities like secure bike rooms, showers, and covered racks.  

Key findings: 

  • Over 80% of trips to or from Langara are made by sustainable modes: The 2023 survey respondents together reported making 24,332 one-way trips to or from Langara in a typical week, and 81% of them were by sustainable modes (walking, cycling, and transit). The demographic that cycles the most is employees (staff and faculty) at 8%. 

  • The majority of Langara commuters are satisfied: Overall, 10% of the respondents are very satisfied and 45% are satisfied with their commute to Langara.  

  • Transit is the primary mode of transportation to Langara for the majority of commuters: The survey indicated that most people use transit to commute to Langara. Among all respondents, 62% selected “transit” and 24% selected “car” as their primary mode of transportation. 

  • Langara students continue to move away from Vancouver: While Vancouver is still the city where the largest number of our students live, the proportion of respondents living in Vancouver has decreased steadily over the last seven years. 

  • More commuters are being passed up by over-capacity buses or trains: Transit is very important to commuters, with 94% of respondents using it to travel to Langara. The percentage of respondents who said they had been passed up by a bus or a train when travelling to Langara increased significantly from 58% in the 2021 survey to 77% in the 2023 survey. 

  • Satisfaction with Langara services is still high among cyclists: 11% of respondents have biked to Langara, and their level of satisfaction with various Langara services for cyclists, including showers, exterior bicycle parking, and on-campus bicycle security, was comparable to the last report. 

  • Communication about travel-related services is increasing: The percentage of respondents that were aware of the travel-related services has increased in all categories compared to previous surveys. Over half of respondents said that they knew the location of secured bicycle cages. 

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