Apr 15, 2020


Hana Hekal


Course of Fey Mende Award, $400
Awarded to students registered full-time in the graduating year of the Recreation Leadership Diploma Program.  The student must have demonstrated a professional approach to their Recreation Diploma studies during the program, including: a proactive manner that creates a respectful learning environment in class and during internships; teamwork on group projects; time management skills; finishes on time; ongoing commitment to the program; punctuality and regular attendance in class.

Kitsilano War Memorial Community Centre Association Scholarship, $500
Second year Recreation Leadership student who is currently in their fourth term full-time internship. Awarded to a student who during their internship has completed a project that stands out for impact and/or ingenuity amongst the internships for that year.

The Recreation Foundation of BC Scholarship, $500
This scholarship recognizes the most outstanding graduating student in the Recreation Leadership Diploma Program, as chosen by faculty. The recipient has excelled in the classroom and as a student intern, exhibited leadership skills in all aspects of the Program, and demonstrated a commitment to the broad field of leisure service.

Walushka-Warwick Amateur Sporting Scholarship, $200
The student who demonstrated the most interest and aptitude in working in the amateur sports area of recreation. The winner is working part-time to help pay for their education and has performed well in their internship. They have also demonstrated a willingness to help out their fellow students during their studies in the Recreation Leadership Diploma Program.

Jeffrey Legaspi


Real Estate Foundation Recreation Leadership Diploma Scholarship, $275
Awarded to the student with the top percentage grade in RECR 1270. Students must be registered in a full course load in the fourth term of the program.

Real Estate Foundation of BC Recreation Leadership Diploma Program Scholarship, $275
Awarded to the student with the highest percentage in RECR 1170. The student must be registered in a full course load in the 4th term of the program and must be registered full-time in the Recreation Leadership Program.
“Being awarded these scholarships makes me grateful for all the support I have received from my friends, family, fellow students, and faculty. Moving forward, I feel more confident in my work and it acts as a reminder to apply in-class concepts in the recreation field”.

Kaitlin Morgan


Leading from Within Scholarship, $290
This award is for the graduating student who has shown leadership both in the community (i.e. volunteering) and amongst their peers.

Karlee Grant


Wilsher Programming Scholarship, $200
The student must demonstrate that they are working or volunteering a minimum average of eight hours per week during the first and second terms of the Diploma Program. The student must also demonstrate exemplary leadership in their RECR 1168 Recreation Program Planning special event group, which will be determined through faculty assessment of the following: student rating by team members of group participating, how the student models task completion and support of team members and h ow the student motivates the group to have a quality special event with all team members having vital roles.

CEI Architecture Recreation Leadership Scholarship, $500
Awarded to a full-time Recreation Leadership Diploma Program student who shows strong leadership and a high level of interest and aptitude in RECR 2361 (Applied Leadership in Recreation Organizations). Student must demonstrate a willingness to help their fellow students throughout the term.

Karina Tung


Joe Dukowski Memorial Scholarship, $500
Awarded to a graduating student enrolled in the fourth term of the Recreation Leadership Diploma Program. Student must have demonstrated a talent for and an interest in Recreation Facilities operation, as well as a genuine interest in pursuing a career in Recreation.

"I began my post-secondary career studying Health Sciences, thinking that it was the only career path that would allow me to help others to lead healthy and happy lives. I soon realized that I loved what I was doing, while working as a lifeguard and swim instructor, and discovered the Recreation Studies Program at Langara. I then switched my schooling focus, and I am so thankful that I did. I am truly sure that recreation is where I want my career to be, and I am very excited to see what opportunities come my way!"

Kate Perkins Award, $500
The recipient will be enrolled in full or part time studies in the recreation diploma program and have demonstrated a strong aptitude for developing and administrating arts, cultural and special event programming in community recreation settings. The recipient must understand the value arts and culture programming offer all ages in community recreation, and have capacity as a creative thinker to initiate new program ideas, be a team player and have excelled in their Spring internships at a recreation facility that support municipal community recreation. Applicants must provide an essay outlining how they meet the above criteria (no more than one page).

"I am very thankful to be recognized in this capacity. I was never the type of child to be very into sports or physical activity, and found safety and comfort in visual arts and music. Although my focus is in Aquatics right now, I do strive to incorporate various types of recreation into everything that I do, so that I can reduce barriers to recreation and keep recreation inclusive to all."

Smith-Rennie Award for Excellence in Youth Work, $400
Awarded to a full-time student in the fourth term of the Recreation Leadership Diploma Program who has demonstrated the most interest and aptitude in working in the youth area of recreation. The successful recipient will have performed well on the internship and have also demonstrated a willingness to help their fellow students during their studies in the program.  Preference will be given to a student who has worked part-time throughout the program.

"Being recognized for work with youth is very meaningful to me, as I am incredibly passionate about making recreation something that is sought after by everyone. I currently work with youth by teaching swimming lessons and lifeguarding, and by teaching youth, along with all other ages, about the importance of basic skills and safety in and around water, I hope to save lives as well as encourage recreation in Aquatics."

Alexandra Pastega


Excellence in Arts and Culture Programming Award, $250
Awarded to student who has demonstrated a high level of interest and aptitude in RECR 2260 course. Part-time students qualify, but student must be eligible to graduate from the Recreation Leadership Program the year the award is given.

Benjamin Caviglia


Michelle Stebnicki Scholarship, $200
A graduating student enrolled in the fourth term of the Recreation Leadership Diploma Program that has attended the program as a part-time student (3-8 credits per term) for at least two terms. Demonstrated strong interest and aptitude towards their studies. The student must also demonstrate attributes of a diligent self-starter who works hard to accomplish goals that benefit others.


Suzanne Schmidt

Recreation Faculty Award, $480
The recipient will be enrolled as a full-time or part-time student, taking in RECR 4400, in the last term of the Bachelor of Recreation Management Program. Applicants must demonstrate the ability to plan, implement, manage and evaluate a diverse range of public parks, arts, culture and recreation programs and activities designed to meet the needs of a community. Applicants must also demonstrate the ability to use various leadership techniques to enhance the individual, group, and community experiences, as demonstrated through their classwork. Additionally, applicants must demonstrate the capacity to access, engage, and utilize research initiatives that can catalogue and advance recreation, arts, culture and parks understanding and practice.  If all above criteria is met, preference will be given to student with the highest CGPA.



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