Jan 28, 2019

By Janet Ready, Instructor 

Today I got an excellent surprise in the mail.  Well, not a huge surprise because I knew it was coming….just something very cool and exciting to open and hold in my hands. 

In fall 2017, I sent out an email to a lot of people in the recreation field.  I had been asked to be the Canadian author of the Second Edition of the Leisure Services Management textbook – specifically to update Chapter 10, “Motivation, Rewards and Discipline” and Chapter 13, “Evaluation”.  I had a great response and spent time meeting with people and talking about these areas – my vision was to have the chapters be alive with information from the field.   Meeting people was great – writing was a long and slow and sometimes frustrating/sometimes exhilarating process but it was worthy work.  

Today I opened the box and held the Leisure Services Management, Second Edition Textbook.  Woot! Woot! 

In the acknowledgements section I wrote:

                To the managers and directors of recreation organizations who met with me, emailed me, had spontaneous conversations, and coordinated working groups to generously share their knowledge and experience – thank you.  You helped the theory in these chapters come alive.  I am inspired by your commitment to growing people.  I am grateful to my colleagues in the recreation studies department at Langara College who walk the talk.  And a very special thank you to my family – Craig, Claire, Kate and Murphy – for supporting my work and keeping it real. 

A very big thank you to everyone in the recreation who contributed to these chapters.  And to the recreation students who get to read this – aren’t you excited now?!

… Who knew that I could get so excited about getting a textbook in the mail?