Sep 9, 2019

By Yue-Ching Cheng Diploma Program Coordinator & Instructor

It’s a new semester and a new cohort is entering the program! This year is different than previous years though as we have both the Diploma of Rec Leadership as well as the 1st and 2nd years of the Bachelor of Recreation Management running at the same time. Essentially, they are the same program, but the BRM students seamlessly flow through to the 3rd and 4th years, whereas the Diploma students need to apply into the 3rd year after they complete their program and graduate with a diploma. These programs also run alongside the Diploma of Leisure Studies where there’s a greater focus of the intersection of Kinesiology and Recreation.

A summary of highlights for this semester:                                  

  • We welcomed 40 new students to Recreation Studies, with 32 into lower-level, and 8 into upper-level
  • We are offering 11 courses with 186 seats filled, taught by 5 faculty members
  • The faculty have been extremely busy this summer completing a self-study report as part of a provincial quality assurance program looking at post-secondary institutions. We are looking forward to submitting our report along with findings from surveys sent out to industry and graduates of the program. An external review of the program and the self-study report will follow.
  • We finalized an articulation agreement with Sask. Polytechnic allowing their diploma students graduates to directly enter the 3rd year of study in the Bachelor of Recreation Management program.
  • The department is further positioning our graduates to be leaders in the industry with the integration of the RFABC Refrigeration Safety Awareness Certification into RECR 1170 this year. Students will now complete their first semester with:
    • PCHD High-5
    • Pool Operators Level 1
    • Refrigeration Safety Awareness Training (eligible for Technical Safety BC Examination)
    • Physical Literacy - Movement Preparation Training
    • Via Sport – Inclusion Training: All Youth Matter
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