Aug 26, 2019

By Cyndy ChwelosBachelor of Recreation Management Coordinator & Instructor

What is your recreation ideal, which one(s) do you live by- which one (s) guide you?  As recreation professionals, we are well aware of the multiple benefits of an engaged recreation activity.  We preach it- we celebrate it and often- we live it.  A recreation ideal I practiced this summer was trying something new- what benefits does one gain from a new experience?  For me, it was kayaking.   

The experience had me thinking about Flow Theory where in deep engagement the following happens…


1. The challenge level and skill level are matched.

2. A high degree of concentration is present.

3. Self-consciousness is lost.

4. Sense of time is distorted.

5. Successes and failures are apparent.

6. Clear and obtainable goals are present.

7. The person has a sense of personal control.

8. The experience is intrinsically rewarding.

9. The person becomes absorbed in the activity.



…leading to that high-quality recreation experience we teach about! Being in nature, engaged in a new activity, with my daughter, life slipped away and the flow experience took over making me feel more expansive as a human being… making life worth living!

What a lovely summer experience.