Mar 25, 2019

By Janet Ready, Instructor 

Recreation 4400 Applied Major Project is the Bachelor of Recreation Management’s capstone course and an opportunity for students to contribute meaningful scholarly research to the recreation field.  This 6 credit course is taken in the final semester of the BRM requires each student complete a community recreation based project in an organization.  Students are required to create a research question that is relevant and connected to community recreation and partner with an agency advisor in the recreation field to work through their project with the following major components:  Research Question, Literature Review, Methodology – primary, secondary research, Best Practices. 

I wanted to share some of the research questions from the students this term – these research questions are meaningful and relevant to them and to the Recreation Field. 

Here are some examples:

  • How can engaging in recreation improve the mental health of vulnerable populations suffering from mental illnesses?
  • How do garden programs improve the social wellbeing of a community and how is the West Point Grey Community Centre fostering social wellbeing through offering these programs?
  • How does the Burnaby Youth Services create opportunities for character development in youth?
  • How does the South Surrey Recreation and Arts Center engage and support youth within their community, and to what extent are the Developmental Assetsâ being practiced within their programs?
  • How could a statistical analysis of Softball BC’s membership database yield evidence-based facts to support the organizations decisions regarding membership services, marketing and sponsorship, and grant applications?

The students are wrapping up their Major Projects and the executive summaries of their Applied Major Projects…and the rest of the research questions from the class will be posted here

As one of the instructors in this course, I am very proud of the work that the students do for their Applied Major Projects and of this contribution to the recreation field.