Sep 12, 2018

By Janet Ready, Instructor

why in rec

You must believe something about recreation that brought you to this place. What is it you believe?

This is a question that we asked in RECR 1160 on our first day. For the students, “this place” is the “Foundations of Leisure and Recreation” course in the Recreation Leadership Diploma/Bachelor of Recreation Management, classroom C409 on Tuesday afternoons. The question acknowledges a journey of intention and decision making that landed in C409 – and understanding that is important to where they are going.

It is a question to visit and revisit throughout our education and work in recreation. Do you think the answer will change as these students move through their recreation education and into careers in recreation? Has it changed for you?

Questions are powerful – they prompt inquiry, reflection. They open the door to exploration….to understanding what moves us….

Do you know what you believe about recreation that brought you to the place that you are? Does it connect to your core values? Are you living out that belief in your work? In your education? In your own recreation? Your answers are the spark that motivates you in recreation education and recreation work. It’s worth thinking…..deeply….about.

Here’s what some of the RECR 1160 students said (I asked their permission to share)…there are some good sparks here:

  • I believe being involved in some form of recreation allows you to become your best self and really helps with self-growth and development
  • That it reduces isolation and allows people to be part of a community that shares the same values
  • I believe that recreation is the key to a few important things in life. Staying young at heart, staying active, staying involved and staying true to who you are. Throughout all the different ventures in my life, whether it be scholarly or career motivated, the one thing I always did was be involved in something. This helped me feel like I was still doing something for myself, having fun and not losing sight of that inner child that I have noticed most people let day in their mid-twenties. Being active is also a very important thing to me, and it wasn't until I lost that part of my life that I realized just how important it was. Lastly, I believe recreation has given me the feeling of being a part of something bigger than myself, which has given me an incredible sense of self, value, and belonging.
  • That it helps to develop a more motivated mindset and can develop self-confidence
  • It can change peoples’ lives. Bring people together and create inclusive environments (preventing isolation)
  • I believe that teaching and sharing your knowledge to someone else can be fun through recreation.
  • It is ever changing and there is always something available for different needs
  • Love for people and keeping people healthy!