Oct 1, 2018

By Cyndy Chwelos, Bachelor of Recreation Management Coordinator & Instructor

In RECR 2260, students learn about how the arts matter a great deal in the pursuit of well-being, how participation in the arts can increase a personal sense of satisfaction, and deepen one’s sense of belonging. I am always amazed at the enthusiasm, trust and risk student effort is demonstrated in this class. They are ‘in-it’ for the experience.

As ‘experience makers’ this class aims to provide a greater ease in programming creative encounters in the field with a focus on fun, skill building, social interactions, creative expression, relaxation, that encourages community members to try new things through a leisure experience. Key terminology in this course is PLAY, IMAGINATION, CREATIVITY


Developing programs that offer the possibility for an immersive and satisfying leisure experience is what guides recreation professionals – from the dance studio to the soccer field, engaging experiences undertaken through leisure and recreation matter in peoples’ lives fostering self-discovery and personal growth. Community members can be an active participant or an audience member. The range and variety of programming offered is key to the success of reaching and serving constituents. Municipal community centres and park environments are ideally suited to art-making encounters, and those who seek to embed creativity as a way to reach those key recreation objectives.