Jul 9, 2018

By Cyndy Chwelos, Bachelor of Recreation Management Coordinator & Instructor


I have had the good fortune to teach along side the amazing artist, jasna guy this summer.  The workshop was programmed in response to her current exhibition, Pressed for Time at the Seymour Art Gallery in North Vancouver. This exhibition “explores our relationship with bees, the floral resources that pollinators require, and the complexity of our shared environment.”(1)

Below are images of the install of which I also had the great pleasure to assist with.

cyndy02     cyndy03    

We developed a printmaking workshop for all ages based upon 4 key principles from the research project Inviting Creativity I co-authored with Elizabeth Mackenzie. https://langara.ca/departments/recreation/faculty/documents/2018-04-IC-presentation-hr1.pdf

With a focus on process, consideration of materials, repetition and surprise, all-comers participated with enthusiasm. Not only did they learn about printmaking through a hands-on exploratory process, they were introduced to this stunning artwork. Expanding the gallery visitor experience by offering participatory creative programming is a strategy that many of you in the field of recreation will be familiar with. Here I provide more evidence for the value this approach can offer agencies and the community members they serve.

cyndy04     cyndy05     cyndy06

cyndy07     cyndy08     cyndy09

(1)    Michael Turner, PREVIEW Guides To Galleries & Museums, p38. June-Aug 2018. preview-art.com.