Nov 14, 2017

By Janet Ready, faculty

Spoiler alert: some really cool stuff 

I’m going to assume that you know about the Framework for Recreation in Canada – the national document that began at the 2011 National Recreation Summit and on February 13, 2015 in Prince George, British Columbia, and, at a meeting of the Federal-Provincial-Territorial Ministers responsible for Sport, Physical Activity and Recreation took place, the Framework for Recreation in Canada 2015 was endorsed by Provincial and Territorial Ministers (excluding Quebec) and supported by the Government of Canada.


The Framework for Recreation in Canada draws on reflections and recommendations from two years of consultations, discussions and debate at provincial, territorial and national levels. Throughout these conversations, three key messages emerged:

  • High quality, accessible recreation opportunities are integral to a well-functioning society.
  • The recreation sector can be a collaborative leader in addressing major issues of the day.
  • All people and communities deserve equitable access to recreational experiences. Recreation must be accessible and welcoming to all.

The Framework for Recreation in Canada contains a renewed definition of Recreation and outlines common priorities for Recreation in Canada – it is a call to action.

If you are working in Recreation – it’s a relevant document that has some good legs. It captures what we are doing in recreation, what we could be doing and where we’re going on a national platform. I am using it in my RECR 2295 course “Connecting to Nature” -- Goal 3 of the Framework is “Connecting People and Nature”. Next week I introduce it to my RECR 1160 – Foundations of Leisure and Recreation course -- if you’re in the course and you’re reading this, you just got a jump on the rest of the class 

In May 2018 the “Framework for Recreation in Canada Forum 2018” is in Regina, SK. The theme is “Gathering Strength/Rassembler nos forces: Framework for Recreation in Canada Forum 2018”. This gathering is the first of its kind since the completion of the Framework in 2015, and will bring together leaders, practitioners, and stakeholders from sectors across Canada to:

  • Showcase effective partnerships and initiatives from across Canada
  • Share knowledge and successful practices
  • Continue the national dialogue on the Framework for Recreation in Canada
  • Identify opportunities for collaboration with other sectors, governments, and municipalities.

This is exciting stuff and continues the momentum of the Framework and creates an opportunity to see how other recreation practitioners are using it across Canada.

There is some good stuff happening….on a national level…..stay tuned 

BTW – I’m going to be in Regina for the Forum in May 2018 presenting on the “Connecting People to Nature” Applied Research Project I did with BCRPA. I’ll report back in May….