Registration for IAPS 2017 will occur through PayPal . Complete the PayPal  form below which will take you directly to the PayPal  website where you can complete your registration and provide other important information. You will pay through the PayPal  website either via your personal PayPal  account or your personal credit card.


Early Registration (before June 15) $275.00 USD
Early Student Registration (before June 15) $230.00 USD
Late Registration (after June 15) $350.00 USD
Late Student Registration (after June 15) $310.00 USD
Guest Banquet $  65.00 USD

(Note:  All transactions are in United States Dollars (USD) only. There is also a 4% service charge for each transaction.)

Conference fees include catering for:

  • 1 banquet meal
  • 3 lunches
  • 2 receptions
  • 6 breaks

(Add $65 USD for each non-conference banquet guest)


If you are interested in the pre-conference hike, please add it to your shopping cart. You will not be charged for this (you will note the cost is $0.00). This will simply give us an indication of interest. You will need to pay for the event separately in September. See the description of the pre-conference hike [Use URL at link 6 below].


In addition to registering for the conference, there are also places to indicate individual preferences PRIOR TO CHECKOUT.

Special Dietary Restrictions
There is a drop-down menu for Special Dietary Restrictions. Please choose “No Restrictions”, “Vegetarian Menu”, “Gluten Fee”, or “Allergies (nut, dairy, etc.)”.

Special Needs and Email Address
There are two additional fields for information:  “Any special needs?” and “Email Address”.  Please fill out completely.


Be sure to “checkout” completely using the form below. After clicking "ADD TO CART" you will need to return to this registration page (click "Continue Shopping") if you wish to add an extra banquet guest or indicate interest in the pre-conference hike. You should receive a confirmation from PayPal to ensure your transaction is finished. Any questions can be directed to Peter Hopsicker at

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