Provocateurs wanted.

Do you enjoy thinking about what others say as much as they enjoy arguing their own views?

The Langara College Department of Philosophy invites you to attend the Philosophers' Jam, a forum for the expression of provocative ideas. This dialogue series is intended for people who want to discuss ideas but whose busy lives prevent them from signing up for a credit course. 

Philosophers' Jams are free and open to all Langara faculty, staff, and students, as well as the general public. Bring a friend or colleague and see you at the next Jam session! Just scroll down to register for future sessions. 

Philosophers’ Jam Schedule 

Speaker: Dr. Johanne Penafiel
Topic: From Ivory Towers to Public Squares: Post-Secondary Education's Role In Increasing Scientific Literacy
Date: April 5, 2024
Time: 4-6 PM
Location: Room L224 at Langara College
Refreshments: Complimentary coffee, tea, and snacks provided.

Abstract: If we look at recent years, it seems that science and society are in a love-hate relationship. Public trust in science has declined but more and more societal issues look for answer in science. What happened? How did we get here? Maybe post-secondary institutions can play a role in healing this interdependence. Institutions of higher education not only support students to achieve their career goals but they also help them to develop critical thinking skills needed for a constructive relationship between science and society.

Speaker Bio: Dr. Johanne Penafiel studied organic chemistry at Ecole Européenne de Chimie Polymères et Matériaux, Strasbourg (FR) and obtained her PhD in organometallic chemistry at the Rijksuniversiteit, Groningen (NL) and Friedrich-Alexander-Universität, Erlangen (DE). After different teaching opportunities around BC, she is now at Langara College, Vancouver, sharing her passion for chemistry and her interest for understanding of the natural world. As soon as she arrived in BC, she fell in love with its wilderness and when she is not exploring, she loves to apply her chemistry skills and knowledge in the kitchen.

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