S.M.A.R.T. Seminar

Feeling overwhelmed with your courses? Worried about grades? Recharge and get SMART. Join us for a FREE one-hour lunch seminar designed to help you advance in math/sciences at Langara. Learn essential time management skills and get hard-earned success secrets from our expert second-year student panel.

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Featured course: SCIE 1113/1114 - Science Literacy

Transferring to UBC or SFU? Want to complete a BSc? You might need SCIE 1113 or 1114.*

Students wishing to enter second year sciences at UBC or SFU in the areas listed on the side are strongly encouraged to take SCIE 1113 or 1114: Science Literacy. SCIE 1113/1114 satisfies the 3 credits for the Communications requirements (UBC) or Writing requirements (SFU) towards your Bachelor of Science.

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