Featured Courses

Featured Courses

NEW – CHEM 2100: Science Projects 

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Experience the lab as it is meant to be. In CHEM 2100, you will be challenged to use your creativity and lab skills to solve issues based on real-world problems. You will work to understand the objective, research possible solutions, devise and run your own experiments, and report your results. This course will improve your confidence in the lab and develop your technical communication skills.

Prerequisites: first year chemistry.

CHEM 2100 is offered on an ad-hoc basis.  Please consult with chemistry advising regarding current research projects. 

 NEW – SCIE 1113 / 1114 - Science Literacy

Build your scientific literacy skills with SCIE 1113 or 1114. In our technologically driven society, important decisions and public opinions increasingly rely on “science”.  But if the science is bad, the outcome can be disastrous. In this course, you will learn to explain, defend, and analyze the strengths and limitations of scientific papers. You will learn to critically read scientific research, and write and defend a solid scientific thesis that is supported by your analysis of peer reviewed publications.  After this course, you will have honed the skills to discuss the science in today’s societal issues, a skill that will serve you throughout your scientific career.

Transferring to UBC or SFU? Want to complete a BSc? You might need SCIE 1113 or 1114.*

Students wishing to enter second year sciences at UBC or SFU in the areas listed on the side are strongly encouraged to take SCIE 1113 or 1114: Science Literacy. SCIE 1113/1114 satisfies the 3 credits for the Communications requirements (UBC) or Writing requirements (SFU) towards your Bachelor of Science.


  • Students must be registered in a transferrable science program aimed at obtaining a BSc.
  • SCIE 1113: IELTS 7 OR LET 3 OR Gr. 12 English “B” OR AP English 4
  • SCIE 1114: IELTS 6.5 OR LET 2 OR Gr. 12 English “C” OR AP English 3

Questions? Please email sciencelit@langara.ca