Langara offers a wide range of first- and second-year courses in the fields of science and mathematics. Students benefit from lower tuition rates and smaller class sizes as compared to larger universities. Whether students are planning to transfer to earn their BSc, or simply wish an Associate of Science degree or other diploma, many of the requisite courses are available at Langara.

The Chemistry department offers courses from introductory and preparatory, to first year and second year University transfer courses. Second year studies include analytical, organic, inorganic and physical chemistry. Students benefit from our well equipped laboratories and dedicated teachers.

Objectives & Outcomes
The Chemistry program at Langara College offers an Associate of Science Degree (Area of Concentration: Chemistry) The A.Sc. can be used as an exit degree or as the first credential in a longer academic program. SFU and UBC give admission priority to students with an A.Sc.

Choosing Chemistry Courses
For a visual explaining the sequence of chemistry courses and some prerequisites, click here. If you have further questions, please read more in the chemistry courses or diagnostic tests to chemistry@langara.bc.ca 

Featured course
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This semester, we are spotlighting CHEM 2100: Science Projects, and SCIE 1114: Science Literacy