Langara offers a wide range of courses in science and mathematics. Students benefit from lower tuition rates and smaller class sizes as compared to a large university. Whether students are planning to transfer to a BSc program, or simply wish an Associate of Science degree or other diploma, the requisite courses are likely available at Langara.

Chemistry department courses range from the introductory level through to 2nd-year university transfer, including analytical, organic, inorganic and physical chemistry. We have well equipped laboratories and dedicated teachers.

 Objectives & Outcomes
The Chemistry program at Langara College offers an Associate of Science Degree (Area of Concentration: Chemistry) The A.Sc. can be used as an exit degree or as the first credential in a longer academic program.

 Choosing Chemistry Courses
For a visual explaining the sequence of chemistry courses and some prerequisites, click here. If you have further questions, please write us at chemistry.langara.ca  

 Special Note:

 For the Fall 2021 semester, some Langara chemistry courses will be taken entirely on-line, while many others will have their laboratories and at least some lectures, taken on-campus.  Some on-line classes and labs may be live at fixed times, while others may be accessed as recordings, posted notes, and automated review exercises.  Please read the registration guide carefully, and write us if you have any questions.

 The general chemistry course, 1121, will be entirely on-line, including on-line laboratory tutorials. SFU and UBC-V are granting 1121 full transfer credit as their chem 121 courses.

 Note that some sections of 1120 are on-line except for on-campus laboratories in a weekend "boot-camp" scheduled towards the end of the term, supplemented by on-line laboratory exercises during the term.  

 All on-campus lecture classes and laboratories will be fully compliant with provincial health and safety advisories, and operated with a high standard of care regarding virus transmission. Students are advised to carefully consider theitr ability to attend labs on-campus, and their willingness to conform to those strict safety protocols.