Starting at Langara

Many Langara College university transfer students study part-time or take a term or more to qualify for all of their first-year courses. As a result, it may take more than a year to complete first-year sciences. Langara College offers three full semesters each year.

In order to register in certain courses at Langara College, you must have completed the required high school courses with the appropriate grade, or you must demonstrate that you have the required prerequisite knowledge by writing a diagnostic test. Diagnostic placement tests are offered for courses in chemistry, physics, and mathematics & statistics. These prerequisite courses or diagnostic test scores demonstrate that you have the background you need to do the work in the courses you wish to take.

If you do not have the prerequisite high school course or test scores to register in a specific course at Langara College, the diagnostic placement tests also serve to identify the course(s) you need to take to bring you to the appropriate level.

If you need to take a diagnostic placement test, plan to do it well in advance of registration or you may have to wait an extra term to get the courses you need. Specific information on diagnostic tests, including test dates and times, can be found at

Always check the requirements of the program or credential you are working towards before deciding on the courses you will take. Please refer to the Langara College calendar for more information.