NOTE: Langara's Biology, Chemistry, and Physics & Astronomy departments and labs have moved to the new Science & Technology Building (T Building). The Computer Science Labs have also moved to T Building. Please check your course schedules to ensure you have the correct room for classes and labs. 

Majoring in Mathematics or Sciences

At Langara College it is possible to complete up to two years of university-transferable course work in biology, chemistry, computer science, mathematics, statistics, physics, and engineering (up to one year). This can lead to an Arts and Science Diploma, a Career Diploma, or an Associate of Science (ASc) Degree. For some students this is a final credential. However, most students transfer these courses to a BC university where they complete
a Bachelor of Science (BSc) Degree.

If you are planning to major in science, you must enroll at Langara College as an Arts and Science student. To be admitted as an Arts and Science student, you must have a BC secondary school diploma or equivalent. See the Langara College Calendar for details.

What you’ll learn

The mix of courses you take in a first-year program will depend on your area of interest (e.g. biology) as well as the requirements of the university and program to which you will be transferring.

A typical first year for a science student may include the following:

  • Two English courses (e.g. ENGL 1127 and ENGL 1129)
  • Two Mathematics (Calculus) courses (e.g. MATH 1171 and MATH 1271)
  • One or two Chemistry courses (e.g. CHEM 1120 and CHEM 1220)
  • One or two Physics courses (e.g. PHYS 1125 and PHYS 1225)
  • One or two Biology courses (e.g. BIOL 1115 and BIOL 1215)
  • One or two Computer Science courses (e.g. CPSC 1150, CPSC 1160 and CPSC 1181)
  • One Statistics course (e.g. STAT 1181)

The normal maximum course load is five courses per semester. Ten of the appropriate courses constitute a full first year.

The Langara College Counselling Department lists first- and second-year course suggestions specifically for students transferring to UBC, SFU, or UVic in each available science area. Specific information about the university and the science major that interests you can be found on the Langara College Counselling website.


Science students need be aware that promotion requirements for year two as well as promotion requirements for year three, must be made within a maximum of attempted credits. Please see the UBC Calendar for further information.