Biology Club Evolved
If you are looking to socially connect with people who share an interest in biology and be involved in an environment that is conducive to academic success and learning, then this is the club for you.
Website: Biology Club Evolved
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Chemistry Club
Have fun with chemistry! Our goal is to ease students' fears towards chemistry by providing them with fun activities. The Chemistry Club lets students come up with their own experiments to try such as making soap, bubbles, wine titration, etc. Get extra knowledge of Chemistry through research presentations. The club finds you extra study help since students can meet other chemistry students taking second year chemistry courses.

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Math Club
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Women in Science and Engineering
Join us and explore a friendly environment full of networking, leadership and fun! Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE) Club at Langara College started as an opportunity for women, in first and second year of college, to socialize and share their experiences with other women in different science fields. We provide information and networking opportunities for women interested in transferring to universities across the lower mainland. We currently have 11 student members and five teacher advisors. Meet people from other schools and establish a connection.

Facebook: Women in Science and Engineering Langara College

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Langara Robotics and Computer Science Club
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