Student Work Opportunities

Are you looking for student work experience in the Kinesiology Department? Applications for Summer 2024 are currently closed.

  • Student Work Assistance Program (SWAP): SWAP students work in various capacities on campus throughout the year. For the Department of Kinesiology, SWAP positions may include: peer tutoring, assisting instructors with labs, lab setup.
  • Work on Campus Program (WOC): WOC students are employed as peer tutors, they may also assist instructors with class activities and labs, and may be asked to perform basic research in the Department.

Current posting: SWAP Summer 2024

Current posting: WOC Summer 2024

Students looking at muscle models


Student Volunteer Opportunities

Get involved with the VOLT Volunteer Program at Langara College and explore tailored and relevant volunteer roles to support your career goals. Find leadership opportunities on-campus or volunteer with organizations such as: 

  • Cerebral Palsy Association of BC
  • Alzheimer Society of BC
  • Canadian Red Cross Society
  • Spinal Cord Injury BC, and many more. 

Contact for more details.