Brousseau.jpgMegan graduated from Langara with a Diploma in Human Kinetics. She then transferred to UBC to complete a Bachelor of Kinesiology (BKIN) and a minor in Psychology. Through UBC, she completed a M.Sc. within the Human Locomotion Lab at ICORD under the supervision of Dr. Tania Lam. Her graduate work focused on neuro rehabilitation and promoting a healthy and active lifestyle for those living with a spinal cord injury. She was responsible for opening the first fully accessible physical activity and community-based research centre of its kind for those living with spinal cord dysfunction (PARC). When not teaching, Megan is a Provincial Wheelchair Rugby referee and athlete classifier, and an avid soccer player.




KINS 1100 - Biodynamics of Physical Activity

KINS 1150 - Sport and Exercise Psychology

KINS 2262 - Health Policy and Society