At Langara Child Development Centre we strive to provide a high quality program in which we recognize each child as a unique individual and support that child in developing to his or her full potential; value and nurture all areas of a child's development - the social, emotional, cognitive, spiritual and physical; embrace principles of diversity and inclusion and are accepting, respectful and welcoming of all people; and promote positive relationships and interactions between staff, families and children that are based on respect, trust and fairness.

To achieve a high quality program, we offer:

  • a well-trained, warm, nurturing and caring staff whose expertise and commitment are valued
  • a rich and stimulating environment which can respond and adapt to the needs of individual children
  • a predictable yet flexible routine that offers children the security of a stable framework for their day
  • on-going communication between families and staff as part of an open, supportive relationship and commitment to work in partnership