Fee Payment

The fees at Langara Child Development Centre are due on the first day of each month for that month. The fees are $897 per month in the three-to-five programs and $1265 per month in the toddler program. As fees are calculated on an annual basis they must be paid in full regardless of the number of days attended in any given month. Parents are asked to give the day care post-dated cheques for six months.

Guidelines for Fee Increases

Each year, during the annual budgeting process, we will conduct an analysis of parent fees in relation to both the centre's overall expenses and city fee averages in Vancouver full time licensed group child care centres (as published annually in the Westcoast Family Information and Referral Fee Survey). Fee increases will be implemented if costs grow beyond our ability to balance our income and expenses or if our fees fall 5% below city fee averages. We will always try to give at least one semester’s notice to parents.

Non-Sufficient Funds Cheques

If a cheque is returned to Langara marked NSF, the Accounting Department will apply a $15 charge.

Day Care Fees and BANNER

BANNER is the name for the college-wide accounting system. As the accounting system for all college services is integrated, if day care fees are not paid, students will not be able to register for their classes at Langara College.

Unpaid Day Care Fees

The day care centre operates on a cost-recoverable basis. We depend on parent fees to balance our budget. When fees are unpaid we are unable to meet our expenses. Therefore, if a parent does not pay the fees, he/she will be asked to make other day care arrangements for their child.

Fee Responsibility of Enrolling Parent

In the case where separated parents are both paying day care fees, the enrolling parent will be responsible to make sure that fees are being paid in a timely manner. All fee payment notices will be given to the enrolling parent.


There are two subsidies that are available to assist families to pay their day care fees. They are:

  • The Special Needs Subsidy is geared to families whose children have extra support needs.
  • The Special Needs Subsidy is $150 per month and eligibility is assessed by the Ministry for Children and Family Development. The subsidy is also administered by that ministry.
  • The B.C. Child Care Subsidy is income-tested and available to all B.C. families who are eligible based on their income.
  • The maximum subsidy for three-to-five-year-olds in group day care is $550 per month. The maximum subsidy for toddlers 18 months to three years in group day care is $635 per month. Eligibility for the B.C. Child Care Subsidy is assessed by the Ministry of Human Resources. The B.C. Child Care Subsidy is administered by that ministry.

When families receive a subsidy they are responsible for:

  • paying the difference between the day care fees and the subsidy rate;
  • keeping track of when their subsidy expires;
  • renewing their subsidy when it expires.

Families are responsible for the full day care fees. If subsidy payments are not paid for any reason, families will be required to pay the full amount.