In order to place a child's name on the waitlist for enrolment, families must complete a waitlist form.

Please note that the community waitlist is full, and is currently closed.

Upon enrolment families will read and sign the Parent Contract and fill in the forms in the registration package. These documents will go into the child's file. All information about children and families in this file is considered confidential and will be stored in a secure place.  

Waitlist, enrolment, and withdrawal FAQ

There is no application fee to join the waitlist. If space becomes available and an offer is accepted, we require a $200 non-refundable deposit that will be held and applied against the fees for the last month of care provided.

The main purpose of our centre is to provide childcare services to the families of active full-time Langara students and employees, and to the wider community if there is capacity to do so. The waitlist application form will ask you to state your affiliation with the College, which will be confirmed when an offer is made.

To aid families in planning, we accept applications to join the waitlist before the child is born but do require a confirmed due date at the time of application. To ensure fairness, the effective date that a family joins the waitlist will be no earlier than nine months prior to the birth date of the child.

Through our partnership with the Vancouver Supported Child Development Program, some spaces are allocated to families with extra support needs. Families will need to be enrolled with the Supported Child Development Program prior to joining our waitlist. Our teachers can help put families in touch with program staff.

In order to best meet our mandate and operational requirements, priority enrolment at our centre means that some factors will take precedence over the amount of time on waitlist. The different groups considered for priority enrolment are as follows: 

  • Children moving from toddler to 3–5 programs 

  • Siblings of currently enrolled children (who have been on the waitlist for at least 12 months) 

  • Children with extra support needs 

  • Current full-time Langara students and employees 

  • Current part-time Langara students and employees 

  • Community members  

Priority policies may, from time to time, be updated at the discretion of the College and Langara Child Development Centre to best support the mandate of the Centre.

Families will have an opportunity to visit the Centre once they have been offered a space in one of our programs. We cannot accommodate visit requests prior to that.

You will be asked to indicate which program(s) you are interested in when you first apply.If your child grows past the age of the toddler program without being offered a space, they will automatically be moved to the 3–5 program waitlist, and time on that waitlist will be based on your original date of application.

Please email as soon as possible to make any changes to your information. It is families responsibility to ensure that all information on the application is current and accurate at all times. This includes contact information, status at the College, desired start date, and the child’s name and birth date. Incorrect information for any of the above may negatively impact our ability to extend an offer to you.

No, our program is designed to provide full-time childcare to families that require it.

The main purpose of the Centre is to provide childcare services to current students and employees at the College so that they may work or pursue their studies. If you are no longer affiliated with the College, please let us know and you will be moved to the Community Member list if you wish to remain.

When an offer is made, you will need to provide your Langara ID number to confirm current eligibility status. 

While we understand that this is a very important piece of information for families, it is not something that we can forecast and communicate with accuracy. In general, waitlist positions do not move except in the late summer, and positions may move both up and down. 

If it would still be helpful, please send an email to to inquire about your current position, which is all we will provide. It may take our team one to two weeks to respond.

The wait times for our toddler program are substantial and we recommend families make alternative care plans in case they do not receive an offer. In many cases, families will only be offered a space when their child is ready to join our 35 programs.

Please send an email to to request removal from our waitlist.  This will assist us greatly in planning future intake cycles.

When space becomes available, our centre will contact parents by email to let them know. Parents will have one week to respond and accept before the space is offered to another family.   

If the family accepts the offer, our teachers will arrange for an initial visit and provide the family with our Parent Handbook and Agreement for review and signing.

If the family declines the offer, they will be removed from the waitlist and the space offered to another family. If they wish to move the start date later, they will be placed back on the waitlist but there is no guarantee they will receive an offer at their preferred start date.

Families are required to provide at least one month’s notice when they withdraw their child. More notice is preferable if the family can give it. This is crucial as most families on the waitlist require one month’s notice from other childcare arrangements before they can accept a space at our centre. In lieu of notice, one month’s fee will be assessed.