At Langara Child Development Centre we believe in the value of inclusion. We respect and are enriched by such diversity in our community as culture, language, religion, socio-economic status, and ability. Being an inclusive centre in which all children and families are welcome offers countless benefits for everyone.

We believe that children with extra support needs should be accepted and respected. They should be able to attend Early Childhood Educational settings with their peers. Extra support needs might include: language and other developmental delays, emotional, behavioural, physical challenges and exceptional health care needs.

Individual Planning

Children with extra support needs participate in every aspect of our program according to their ability. We individualize programs in consultation with parents and professionals such as Speech and Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Psychologists and Supported Child Development Program Consultants to meet each child's specific needs for growth and development. A written Individual Plan will outline the child's strengths and needs, specific goals and timelines and the supports needed to implement those goals.

Assessing the Physical Environment

When a child has extra support needs, the family and staff must assess the day care environment in relation to the child's needs. Safety, access, equipment and storage needs must be considered to determine if any modifications or adaptations should be made to accommodate the child.

Family - Staff Communication

We recognize families as their children's most valuable resource, and as such, we welcome families' input and involvement. We schedule two conferences per year for children with extra support needs and others as requested by the family or day care staff. We also encourage ongoing communication concerning the child's development, progress and concerns both at home and at school. As well, we participate in team meetings with families and the professionals involved with each child.


We provide extra support to families during critical transition periods, those times when children with extra support needs and their families move from one service or program to another. This includes the kindergarten transition planning process in the springtime before the child goes to kindergarten. We provide a final report and meeting with families and school personnel to facilitate a smooth transition to school.

Role of the Supported Child Development Program

We receive ongoing contract funding to pay for extra staff from the Supported Child Development Program. This extra staffing allows us to serve all our children better. Aside from the contract funding, the Ministry provides additional insurance for our inclusion program as well as the services of the Supported Child Development Program Consultants.

Community Resources and Liaison

Langara Child Development Centre is part of a network of inclusive childcare programs and community resource services geared to supporting children and families. We maintain strong links with these programs in a variety of ways and are able to access their services to assist us in meeting the needs of our children and families.