Getting Your Compass Card

To begin using U-Pass BC, you will need to obtain a Compass Card from TransLink if you do not already have one.  Visit the Compass Card website or call the Compass Customer Service Centre at 604.398.2042 for more details on where you can obtain a card. You will also need to carry a valid Langara Student ID card whenever you are using U-Pass BC. If you do not have one or need it replaced, please visit Information Technology.

Remember! The Langara Bookstore is a TransLink FareDealer location and will carry Compass Cards available to the general public.

Linking and Loading U-Pass BC Online

Once you have obtained a Compass Card, you will need to log into the U-Pass BC website with your Langara email account (Computer user ID + and Computer User ID Login Password. Follow the instructions on the website to link your account and request your U-Pass BC for the month. You will need to be registered in eligible courses at the time and have paid your fees in full to do so. On or after the 16th of every month, simply go back to the website and request activation for the following month. 

Make sure to request your U-Pass BC as early as possible and before the end of the month, as it may take up to 24 hours to take effect!

Login Help! Use your Langara email account (Computer Login ID + and Computer User ID Login Password to log into the Compass Card website. Find these on mylangara by clicking "Manage Computer Accounts" on the left side menu.