Who is eligible for U-Pass BC?

You are eligible for U-Pass BC at Langara if:

  • You are a student enrolled in an on-campus Regular Studies course, practicum, or co-op (minimum 3 credits); or
  • You are a student enrolled in an on-campus section of one of the following Continuing Studies programs: Registered Massage Therapy, Supply Chain and Logistics, 2D Animation and 3D Animation; or
  • You are registered in at least 3 credits of Regular Studies (not including online, Guided Independent Studies, Field School, Flexible Assessment, Excluded or Adult Basic Education / Preparatory courses); or
  • You are assessed student union fees.

Who is NOT eligible for U-Pass BC?

For clarification, courses in the following programs will not count towards U-Pass BC eligibility:

  • Continuing Studies (with the exception of students in the programs listed above)
  • LEAP and LEPP Programs
  • Outgoing Exchange and Field School
  • Online, GIS or Flexible Assessment courses
  • Excluded courses (APPL 4110)
  • Adult Basic Education / Preparatory courses (Math 1100, Math 1101, Math 1150, ENGL 1098, ENGL 1099, ENGL 1106, ENGL 1107, ENGL 1108, ENGL 1110, ENGL 1120, ENGL 1121)

Furthermore, any student will cease to be eligible for the program if they have dropped or withdrawn from all eligible courses during the term.

How many months of U-Pass BC will I be eligible for?

Students registered in full-semester courses in Fall 2020 will be eligible from September to December. Students registered in a half-semester course will be eligible for the two months that their class is in session. The eligible months cannot be changed or extended under any circumstances.

What happens if I drop or withdraw from my courses?

If you drop or withdraw from all eligible courses then you will no longer be eligible for U-Pass BC, and you will automatically be refunded for remaining months not yet activated.  If the current month has already been activated you can continue to use it but any requests made for the following month will be cancelled.

Can I be exempt from the U-Pass BC Program?

U-Pass BC is a mandatory program. However, students meeting one of the following criteria may apply for an exemption by submitting a completed Exemption Request form and all necessary documentation by the exemption deadline indicated on the U-Pass Exemption Request form (see below):

  • Students holding a valid U-Pass BC from another institution in Metro Vancouver
  • Students holding another valid non-transferable TransLink transit pass
  • Students with a documented physical or psychological condition that would prevent transit use
  • Students enrolled in a single course with on-campus classes scheduled for only one day per week

The deadline for U-Pass BC Exemption for the Fall 2020 semester is September 15, 2020.

Please note that exemptions are valid for one term only and do not automatically carry over to future terms.

Exemption Request Form is here.

Medical Exemption Form is here.