1.  I have a negative account balance, what does this mean?

  • If you have a negative account balance this means there has been an overpayment on your account as a result of a course drop, or student funding. This means that Langara College owes you money, and you are elgible for a refund.

2.  Will I get a refund if my course is cancelled? If I drop my course?

  • Yes, you will receive a refund if your course is cancelled.
  • You will only receive a refund if you drop a course during the outlined refund periods. Pay close attention to the Important Dates Section of the Langara College Registration Guide, related to the semester that you are enrolled. Important dates are also outlined on the website

3.  How will my refund be issued?

  • Domestic students:
    • All domestic student refunds are processed as refund cheques, regardless of how you paid your student fees. Cheques are issued in the student’s name and mailed to the address on file. Please ensure that this information is up to date. 
    • An automated refund process is completed during the fifth week of classes for domestic students.
    • Following this, should you be eligible for a refund, please contact the Student Accounts office by emailing a.receivables@langara.ca to request that the refund be issued.
  • International students:
    • For international students, please email a.receivables@langara.ca, with the following information, to request a refund:
      • Your Full Name
      • Your Langara College Student ID number
      • Your Telephone Number
      • Your Mailing Address (where you are living and able to receive a refund check. Please ensure that this matches the address which is listed on the Student Information System.)
      • Requested Refund Amount (note that refunds greater than $4,500.00 are subject to International Education Department Approval)

4.  I am an International student who no longer lives in Canada. How will I receive my refund?

  • Please contact the Student Accounts office at a.receivables@langara.ca and arrange to have a Wire Transfer Form sent to you. Wire transfers are available for a fee of $70.  

5.  I never attended class, why do I have to pay?

  • If you did not pay for all your tuition fees for courses you withdrew from, or courses you dropped from during the 70% refund period, you are liable to these fees.  Please check your fees via the Langara login page. From there, click on Registration, then click on Account Balance and Payments.
  • If you registered during Registration Period 2, please note that there is no drop date for non-payment.

6.  I have concerns that the fees associated with my course registration are incorrect.  Who do I contact?

  • If you have questions or concerns with fees associated with a course add or drop, please contact registration@langara.ca

Important information concerning registration and deadline dates for fee payment, refunds, course drops and adds, and withdrawals are posted on Important Dates. As per policy E2003 - Registration Fee Payment and Refund, section 3.1, 'All students have a responsibility to register during the designated periods and to pay all applicable fees and deposits by the published deadlines.'