1.     Why am I being charged the Student Health and Dental Plan premiums?

  • All full-time students (i.e., students enrolled in nine or more credits) who are registered in the Fall Semester and who are members of the LSU are automatically enrolled in the LSU Health & Dental Plan. If you meet this criteria you will be charged for the coverage in the Fall Semester only.

2.     Am I able to opt in to the Health and Dental Plan even though I am registered in less than 9 credits, or was not a student in the Fall semester?

  • Part-time students and students beginning their studies in another semester are not automatically covered, but can enrol themselves by contacting Studentcare.

3.     I am already covered under another plan, how do I opt out of the Student Health and Dental plan?

  • Students who have alternate coverage are able to opt out of the Health and Dental plan by contacting Studentcare directly. Please visit Studentcare or call 1-866-369-8796 for opt-out information.

4.     I have been assessed a U-Pass fee.  What is a U-PASS?

  • U-Pass BC is a universal student transit program delivered in conjunction with the Langara Students’ Union, TransLink, and the Province of British Columbia. Eligible Langara students will be provided with an affordable 3-zone pass valid for all TransLink bus, Skytrain, and Seabus services throughout Metro Vancouver and discounts on the West Coast Express.
  • For more information regarding the U-Pass program, please click here.