How am I charged LSU Health and Dental plan?

  • The Langara Student Union General Members voted in a November 2020 Referendum to extend automatic coverage under the LSU Health and Dental Plan to ​both Regular Studies ​full-time and part-time students (those enrolled in one or more credits), as well as all eligible students beginning their studies at Langara in a Spring semester.
  • The expanded eligibility to include part-time students took effect in Fall 2021. The expanded eligibility for students beginning their studies at Langara in a spring semester took effect in Spring 2023.
  • The fee for one year’s extended health & dental care coverage is $289.62; students beginning their studies in spring will be charged a prorated amount of $193.08 for coverage from January 1st - August 31st.

I am already covered under another plan, how do I opt-out of the Student Health and Dental plan?

  • Students who have alternate coverage are able to opt-out of the Health and Dental plan by contacting Studentcare directly. Please visit Studentcare or call 1.866.369.8796 for opt-out information.

I have been assessed a U-Pass fee. What is a U-PASS?

  • U-Pass BC is a universal student transit program delivered in conjunction with the Langara Students’ Union, TransLink, and the Province of British Columbia. Eligible Langara students will be provided with an affordable 3-zone pass valid for all TransLink bus, Skytrain, and Seabus services throughout Metro Vancouver and discounts on the West Coast Express.
  • See the most recent updates on the U-Pass program.