1.  Will I receive a receipt showing that I have paid my fees?

Receipts for confirmation of payment, verification of fee assessment, or for RESP / Bursary / Scholarship purposes can be obtained by emailing a.receivables@langara.ca and requesting a receipt for fee payment.

2.  How can I receive my T2202A (Tuition, Education, and Textbook Amounts) Tax Receipt?

Your T2202A for the current calendar year will be issued by the end of February the following year. T2202As will then be available to be printed off through the Langara login page. You will find the Canadian Tax Forms link under the Student Main Menu.

All T2202A’s for the past seven years are also available through Langara login page.

3.  The amount listed for deduction on my T2202a is different from the total amount of fees that I paid to Langara College last year.  Why is that?

Not all student fees that are paid to Langara College for tuition and student fees are considered to be tax deductible, and therefore not included on the T2202a Tax Credit form.

Tuition, material Fees, and the Building Legacy Fund fees are included in this amount, as are any fees paid to the Registrar’s Office. No other student fees paid are considered to be tax deductible, as deemed by the Canada Revenue Agency.

Although students enrolled in the following courses paid full tuition, the tuition for these courses are not considered to be tax deductible, given that they are considered “Adult Upgrading Courses”, and not university transferable:

ENGL: 1098  1099  1106  1107  1108  1110  1120  1121

MATH: 1100  1101  1150