1. I am interested in studying at Langara.  How much will my tuition/ program cost?

  • For a breakdown of the costs associated with a course at Langara, please click here.
  • For costs associated with a specific diploma/degree program, please use the Langara Cost of Study Tool.

2.  Now that I have registered, how can I view my account balance?

  • Once you have registered, go to the Langara login page. Log in, click Registration, followed by Account Balance and Payments. This will provide you with a total of all fees owing, with itemized totals related to each cost.

3.  When is my tuition due?

  • All important dates, relating to a particular semester are found in the Langara College Registration Guide.  This includes the fee payment deadline, and related drop date for non-payment that occur prior to the start of each semester.
  • You may also find these dates outlined on our website

4.  How can I pay my tuition fees?

You can pay your tuition in the following ways:

  • By Internet or smart phone banking, through your financial institution.
    • To set this up, begin by adding Langara College to your list of payees.
    • When prompted for an Account Number, enter your Langara College Student ID number. 

For more detailed information, please click here

5.  I have a daily limit on my debit card, how can I pay my fees?

  • If you wish to use your debit card to pay your fees, but have a daily limit on your card, please contact your financial institution. Inform them that you will be paying your tuition and student fees at Langara College, and require that the daily limit on your debit card be raised, just for the day.

6.  How do I use my RESP (Registered Education Savings Plan) to pay for my school fees?

  • Typically the student pays their tuition and student fees, and subsequently receives reimbursement from the RESP Fund.
  • Students are required to provide specific documents in order to receive such reimbursement.  As the type of documents and processes required varies by Financial Institution, it is up to the student to be familiar with how to obtain access to their RESP funds.
  • The Student Accounts office can provide a copy of registration, and total tuition fees assessed for a particular semester. Please e-mail a.receivables@langara.ca.
  • Any documents requiring a signature, or official ‘Langara Seal’ must be requested by email to geninfo@langara.ca. Langara College does not automatically withdraw funds from any RESP fund.

7. Can I pay by cash?

Please note that we are no longer accepting cash payments as of October 1, 2021.