New students: For information on activating your Computer User ID, click below on the "Computer User ID" tab. By activating your Computer User ID (CUID), you will also activate your O365 email.

Our IT systems and services require several different user logins:

  • Student ID
  • Computer User ID
  • Langara email account

Which Login do I use for each online service? If your name is John Smith, login details would be:

Student ID  199999999 Student Information System password Student Information System (Registration, Account Balance, Records, etc.), Library account, Library room booking, C3 Job Board
Computer User ID jsmith99 Computer User ID password On-campus computers, myFiles, and myPrint.
Email Address Computer User ID password O365 emaileduroam WifiU-Pass BC Compass websiteLinkedIn Learning, Brightspace by D2LIT Knowledge Base
Adding and Setting your Preferred Email If you are unable to activate your Computer User ID you may need to change your Preferred Email address.

To change your preferred email address please check out the instructions in our IT Knowledge Base.

Student ID Student Information System, Library account, Library room booking, C3 Job Board

Your Student ID:

  • Your Student ID is the 9 digit number that you are given when you first become a Langara student.
  • This number will remain the same as long as you are a student
  • If you leave and then return to the college, your original Student ID will still be valid.

Your Password/PIN:

  • Student Information System calls it a password. Web Registration calls it a PIN.
  • Your Student Information System password and your Web Registration PIN are the same.
  • Log into the Student Information System using the same information you have used to login to Web Registration in the past.
  • New students are given a default PIN with their registration package.
Computer User ID On-campus computers, myFiles & myPrint

To activate your Computer User ID please check out the instructions in our IT Knowledge Base.

Langara email account O365 email, eduroam WiFi, U-Pass BC Compass Website, LinkedIn Learning, Brightspace by D2L, IT Knowledge Base

You can use your Langara email account to log into multiple systems.

Systems that are accessed using the Langara email account:

email example: jsmith99@mylangara.caPassword is the same one that you use to log in to campus computers (i.e., accompanies your Computer User ID)

Questions about your Computer User ID password? Did you forget or want to change your password?

If you forgot your password please follow the Forgot Computer User ID Password article in our IT Knowledge Base

To change your password please follow the Change Computer User ID Password article in our IT Knowledge Base