New students: For information on activating your Computer User ID, click below on the "Computer User ID" tab. 

Our IT systems and services require several different user logins:

  • Student ID
  • Computer User ID
  • Federated ID
  • Email address

Which Login do I use for each online service? If your name is John Smith, login details would be:

Student ID 199999999 myLangara, Library account, Library room booking, C3 Job Board
Computer User ID jsmith99 On-campus computers, myFiles, D2L, and myPrint.
Federated ID eduroam Wifi, U-Pass BC Compass
Email Address myLangara email
Student ID myLangara, Library account, Library room booking, C3 Job Board

Your Student ID:

  • Your Student ID is the 9 digit number that you are given when you first become a Langara student.
  • This number will remain the same as long as you are a student
  • If you leave and then return to the college, your original Student ID will still be valid.

Your Password/PIN:

  • myLangara calls it a password. Web Registration calls it a PIN.
  • Your myLangara password and your Web Registration PIN are the same.
  • Login to myLangara using the same information you have used to login to Web Registration in the past.
  • New students are given a default PIN with their registration package.
Computer User ID On-campus computers, myfiles, D2L & myPrint

Activation & Password Reset Instructions

To activate your Computer User ID or reset your password:

  1. Log into myLangara.
  2. Select Manage Computer Accounts under the Online Self Service menu

  3. Select Maintain Computer User ID
    • If you are in Regular Studies select ""Maintain Computer User ID - Regular Studies"
    • If you are in Continuing Studies select "Maintain Computer User ID - Continuing Studies"
  4. View your Computer User ID under User ID
  5. Select ACTIVATE new account or RESET/FORGOTTEN password, enter your Computer User ID and press Activate or Continue
  6. Activation or Password Reset information will be sent to the non-langara email address you provided the college
    (click image to make larger)

Langara College Computing Use Policy.  Please note any misuse of computing resources can result in account privileges being suspended.

For more information, please contact our Service Desk (local 5999 or

Langara Federated ID WiFi,, U-Pass BC Compass Website

Federated identity allows a person to use the same identification data to obtain access across multiple systems. Currently Langara students can access the Translink U-Pass Compass Card system, and Eduroam Wi-Fi network using their Federated ID.

Your Federated ID is composed of the following:

  • Your Computer User ID + (ex:
  • Password is the same one that you use to login on campus computers (i.e., accompanies your Computer User ID)