Student Email is moving to O365.

Exciting changes are coming to your Langara email this fall. Your Langara email is moving to Microsoft Office 365. We will be sending all official College mail to your new account, so please take take a few minutes to learn about what's changing.

Langara Student Email Changes
Old email  New email (by October 28, 2019)
Email address
Login Student ID number
Password myLangara password (info) Computer user ID password (info)

We are moving all student emails to Microsoft Office 365. There are two important changes for you:

To log into your new email account, visit with your new email and Computer User ID password.

This affects all students who have taken classes in the last three semesters (including Continuing Studies students).

The new email provider, Microsoft Office 365, is a modern, responsive, user-friendly platform that offers more robust email features. The existing mail provider ( will not be supported by browsers in the near future. Time for an upgrade! Langara employees have transitioned to O365 as well so our community will be using one streamlined mail service.

We will be activating new email accounts in Fall 2019. It may take a couple of days for our system to active them all - there are thousands of accounts to establish. Anything sent to your old email address ( will be automatically forwarded to your new address ( You will still have access to your old email acount until the end of the year if there is data you would like to download or forward.

Open a browser, visit and enter your new email address (ie: and your Computer User ID password. You must have activated your Computer User ID before you will be able to access you email account. Check here for more information about your accounts and passwords, including activation.

No, you will now use your Federated ID to login to your email. 

Yes. In Fall 2019, you can log into your Office 365 account and set up forwarding to your preferred account.

Check out the instructions on how to setup Office 365 on your personal devices on Microsoft's website. Please note that our IT Service Desk won't be able to assist you with this.

No mails will be migrated to the new mailbox. If you would like to keep copies of your old myLangara emails, there are two options: 

  1. Forward emails that you want a copy of to your new inbox. 
  2. Migrate all the emails from your old inbox to your new one. Instructions: How to connect your myLangara account to your Outlook (pdf).

Any mail sent to the old email address ( will be automatically forwarded to your new email address ( 

Yes. All faculty are aware of this change. We're automatically forwarding anything that's sent to your old account ( to your new one ( so you won't miss anything.

Your email address is automatically generated. Under certain circumstances, the email name may create an inappropriate word. In such circumstances, IT will consider requests to modify email IDs. If this is the case, please submit an IT ticket here.

Your email account will be deactivated and all content removed after the following period of time:

Regular Studies students, 365 days after the end date of your last registered course.

Continuing Studies students, 150 days after the end date of your last registered course.

Please check Langara IT’s Knowledgebase for solutions for any problems you come across. If you don't find what you're looking for, submit an Ask-IT ticket or chat with a technician live at