New Employees & Password Resets: For information on activating your Computer User ID & resetting your password, click below on the "Computer User ID & Employee Email (O 365)" tab. 

Our IT systems and services require several different user logins.
Which Login do I use for each online service? If your name is John Smith, login details would be:

Employee ID 199999999 myLangara
Computer User ID jsmith On-campus computers, myFiles and Brightspace by D2L
Federated ID eduroam WifiLinkedIn Learning, Ask IT Knowledge Base 
Email Address 
myLangara email or Office 365 email

All employee accounts will be generated 7 days before the beginning of their contract (as long as the contract is entered into Banner). If the contract is entered less then 7 days before the start date, the computer account will be generated the next day. 


  • Our user ID convention ( initial + last name ) may occasionally produce inappropriate or embarrassing wordings. IT will make changes to such usernames on request.


Note: Preferred email still previous email (not automatically set).


Step 2: deselect 'Preferred email'. Go to preferred email.


Step 3: Deselect 'Make this your Preferred Personal address'.


Step 4: Click submit to save.


Step 6: Select new preferred email.


Step 7: Select 'Make this your Preferred Personal address'.


Step 8: Click submit to save.


Step 9: New email is now set as the preferred address.

Computer User ID & Employee Email (O 365) Activation & Password Reset Instructions

One of the services that is accessed with an employee’s Computer User ID (CUID) is email.

New Employees: must activate their Computer User ID in order to login to computers on campus and access their email account

Existing Employees: Can reset and update their Computer User ID and Email password by following the instructions below

Instructions on how to activate your Computer User ID or reset your password:

  1. Log into myLangara.
  2. Select Manage Computer Accounts under the Online Self Service menu

  3. Select Maintain Computer User ID – Regular Studies OR Maintain Computer User ID – Continuing Studies
    Note: for employees it does not matter which option you select.
  4. View your Computer User ID under User ID
  5. Select ACTIVATE new account or RESET/FORGOTTEN password, enter your Computer User ID and press Activate or Continue
  6. Activation or Password Reset information will be sent to the non-langara email address you provided the college
    (click image to make larger)

Note: In order to activate your Computer User ID or reset your password, you need to have a preferred email account setup and it cannot be a Langara email account.

If you do not have a preferred email account setup, please follow the instructions below. Then re-attempt to reset/activate your Computer User ID.

Instructions on how to update preferred email address on myLangara: 

  1. Log into myLangara
  2. Click on Main Menu

  3. Click on the Students tab
  4. Click on Personal Information

  5. Select Student in Type of E-mail to Insert

  6. Click Add
  7. Enter your desired email address in the E-mail field.
  8. Click on Submit

Note 1: It might take 5 minutes for the system to update email addresses. The preferred email address is set to the last email address added. This is automatic. If you want to change the preferred email address to an older one already in the system you will need to delete that address and add it again.

Note 2: International Students who have applied to Langara through an agent might need to change their preferred email address from their agent's email address to their personal email address on the mylangara website.

Note 3: This is also useful for anyone who no longer has access to their preferred email address.

Employee ID

  • To login to myLangara, enter your 9 digit Langara ID and PIN.
  • Your Langara ID is the 9 digit number that you are given when you first become a Langara employee. This number will remain the same as long as you are employed with the college.
  • If you can't remember your Langara ID please contact Human Resources at 604-323-5638.


  • myLangara calls it a password. Web Registration calls it a PIN. Your myLangara password and your Web Registration PIN are the same.
  • Login to myLangara using the same information you have used to login to Web Registration in the past.
  • Employees are given a password/PIN by the Human Resources Department.
Langara Federated ID (eduroam Network/LinkedIn Learning)

Federated identity allows a person to use the same identification data to obtain access across multiple systems. Currently Langara employees can access the eduroam Wi-Fi network and LinkedIn Learning using their Federated ID.

Your Federated ID is composed of the following:

  • Your Computer User ID + (ex:
  • Password is the same one that you use to login to on-campus computers (i.e., accompanies your Computer User ID)