Langara’s Statistics & Data Analytics Department prides itself on being the first Statistics department at a college, if not in Canada, in the province of British Columbia. We provide outstanding support and encouragement to students at any skill level in statistics and data analytics in preparation for their Langara courses and further university studies. Our department boasts well-qualified and dedicated faculty in different Statistics and Data Science areas.

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Besides providing quality instruction, our department, in collaboration with the Department of Mathematics, provides Mathematics and Statistics Activity Centre, a space for students to practice math and stats, individually or collaboratively, in an inviting and supportive setting. Drop-in tutorial help is provided by peer tutors and faculty. The Centre has many resources including computers, books (such as course texts and other reference texts), and posters.

Our department also contributes to the life of the College by participating in events such as Survivor Langara, Open House, Pi Day, High School Science Fair, and the Statistics Poster Exhibition. Our faculty also frequently contribute to the community by co-hosting a BC Secondary School Math Contest (with exciting prizes) and by regularly presenting in the Langara Lecture Series. We are actively involved in applied research collaborations with many private and public companies, as well as other colleges, and have obtained nearly one million dollars in research funding in the past few years.

"We are committed to academic excellence in our curriculum, faculty expertise, and research endeavors, ensuring a superior, student-centered statistical education.

We prepare students to be ready for the future world through innovative programs and excellence in instruction.

We empower communities and conduct outreach to government and industry with our consulting services, by using data analytics to drive positive social change and foster responsible decision-making, while upholding the highest ethical standards in the pursuit of knowledge.”