Jobs, Internships, and Volunteering

Unpaid Work

Volunteer Work

Build your resume and get to know your community by volunteering. Contact Langara's volunteering program VOLT for exciting opportunities.

Paid Work

Marker Positions

If you are interested in becoming a student marker, you must contact the instructor directly for the course that you are interested in. Kindly note that markers generally must have very good grades and an established history of course success within the College.

Peer Tutor Positions

The LSM has two peer tutoring programs - Accounting and Technology. If you are interested in becoming a peer tutor, you must contact the instructors in charge of these programs. Kindly note that peer tutors must have very good grades in the subject area and an established history of course success within the College.

Accounting Peer Tutors - Mumsy Ullattikulam
Technology Peer Tutors - Phil Mentacos


The Student Work Assistance Program (SWAP) provides paid employment for students who demonstrate financial need. SWAP students work in various capacities on campus throughout the year. For more information regarding the SWAP program, please refer to the SWAP web page.

Co-Operative Education

Co-operative Education is a time proven approach, used worldwide, for introducing employers to students in specialized fields of work. "Co-op" gives employers an opportunity to shape the development of potential employees by integrating full time paid work within an academic program of study. Contact Co-Op here.

External Job Board

The C3 (Co-op & Career Connector) Job Board is your entry point to jobs posted by Langara to all registered regular studies students. From the Langara login page, you will have access to part-time, full-time, temporary/summer, Volt/volunteering off campus jobs. In addition, for those students registered in Co-operative Education you will see your co-op job postings. Click here for more information.



Are you an organization that would like to share a job, internship, or volunteer opportunity with a Langara School of Management student?

Please contact the Co-Operative Education and Career Development Department to post your job on the Langara Student Job Board.