To qualify for the Co-op Program a student must read the program requirements and be enrolled in a program that offers a co-op option from the Langara School of Management, Computer Science, Bioinformatics, or Recreation Management programs.

Students must meet the following requirements to be eligible for Co-op.

  • complete EXPE 2300 (formerly COOP 2300) with a "C" or higher
  • be enrolled in a full-time course load (registered for a minimum of 3 courses per semester)
  • maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.6 (B-) in your program
  • apply to the Co-op Program

About EXPE 2300

EXPE 2300 is a three-credit lecture/seminar course that will provide students with current skills for the workplace. This course will give students a chance to learn, as well as practice, each of the steps towards attaining a job, including self-assessment, resume and cover letter writing, networking and interviewing skills, and job search tactics. 

“The skills you learn in the COOP 2300 (now EXPE 2300) course are indispensable. From professional resume/cover letter preparation to extensive interview training/preparation; it could be the most powerful step anyone can take towards getting hired. The terrific staff at the Langara College Co-op office can help you to be head and shoulders above the competition. If you are serious about getting a job, COOP 2300 (now EXPE 2300) is an absolute must.” Attila Fritz, Computer Information Systems Graduate

To qualify for subsequent co-op work terms, you must:

  • receive a satisfactory evaluation from the employer during the previous work term
  • remain enrolled as a full-time student in subsequent academic term
  • maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.6 (B-) in your program

To qualify for the Post Degree Diploma work experience please read the requirements from the department information provided:

International Students

At Langara College, international students are encouraged to participate in Co-op Education and the Post Degree Diploma work experience program options. You must, however, have the proper Work Permit to allow you to work in Canada. Other than this, the same rules apply to international students as to other students. ONCE you have been accepted into co-op or your work experience, the steps include:

  1. Meet with your Co-op & Career Instructor to provide you with a letter stating that you will be participating in co-op or work experience requirements for your program.
  2. Attach the letter to your Work Permit Application. Next, apply for the appropriate work permit. The Langara Global Department can help you. They will look over your application to make sure you have requested the correct work permit and that you have completed the form accurately.
  3. Go to Service Canada's website an apply for a Social Insurance Number (SIN). There is no cost to apply for a SIN. You need a SIN to work in Canada. Employers must request and view an employee’s SIN card and record the number within three days of starting employment. Remember that the SIN card is not an identity card and is not an authorization to work in Canada.

Note: Make sure you start the process early as it can take weeks or months to process your application, Processing Times for Temporary Residents. When you receive your work permit, you will be able to apply for co-op jobs.