Co-operative education is a time-proven approach and is used worldwide for developing employment-ready graduates and introducing employers to students in specialized fields of work. Because co-op programs alternate study semesters with productive, full-time employment, employers are able to shape the development of potential employees and preview new recruits before they reach the job market as full-time employees.

Langara College has been working with employers on work integrated learning opportunities for over 35 years and was the first college in British Columbia to offer a co-operative education program. Our students are available for hire from several programs and are ready to offer a variety of skills to your organization.

Benefits of becoming an employer partner:

  • target students with specialized skill sets
  • develop a pool of potential full-time employees who have already proven themselves as being effective in your workplace
  • gain specialized and temporary assistance for your short-term projects
  • access a diverse student group with a wide range of backgrounds such as previous completion of a degree or mature students who are changing careers

Job postings are accepted year round and students are available to start working in January, May, and September. Work terms are typically four months but can be extended depending on your needs. 

Employers can hire co-op students from the following programs:

  • Bachelor of Business Administration Program with concentrations in:
    • Accounting
    • Business Management
    • International Business Management
    • Marketing Management
  • Business Diploma Program with concentrations in:
    • Accounting
    • Business Management
    • Financial Management
    • Financial Services
    • Marketing Management
  • Bachelor of Recreation Management
  • Associate of Science Degree in Bioinformatics or Computer Science
  • Diploma in Bioinformatics or Computer Science

Employers can also hire students from Post Degree Diploma (PDD) Programs. All PDD students begin Langara with a previously attained degree and some have work experience. Students from these programs are availble for 300-hour work placements. 

PDD Students are available for hire from the following programs:

  • Accounting
  • Applied Science
  • Business Administration
  • Marketing Management
  • Web and Mobile App Design and Development

Grants and Funding

Some employers are eligible for special grants to help fund a co-op student. Review the current list of grants and funding options below to see if your company is eligible. 

1. BC Tech Co-op Grants Program
The BC Tech Co-op Grants Program provides almost a 25% subsidy towards a co-op student’s salary. The program is designed to help employers who are hiring young talent and to introduce students to tech-related careers. BC businesses benefit from co-op students’ fresh ideas and readiness to learn, while students gain work experience and valuable business and technical skills. The BC Tech Co-op Grants Program encourages student training and job readiness through work terms with small firms in tech or any companies hiring for tech roles.To apply for funding or to see if you are qualified, visit the BC Tech Co-op Grants Program website

2. Canada Summer Jobs Program
The Canada Summer Jobs Program provides funding to not-for-profit organizations, public-sector employers, and small businesses with 50 or fewer employees to create summer job opportunities for young people. Visit the Canada Summer Jobs Program website for more information.

Posting a job is easy.
Follow the steps on how to post a job to our Co-op & Career Connector (C3) Job Board. 

If you have questions about any of the programs or would like more information, email