Charlie-Waugh-Headshot.jpgEducation / Credentials

Brunel University (2011), PhD Kinesiology

The Royal Veterinary College, University of London (2007), BSc (Hons) Veterinary Sciences

Courses Taught at Langara

KINS 1100 - Biodynamics of Physical Activity

Areas of Interest

  • musculoskeletal physiology and biomechanics
  • developing the research and critical thinking skills in undergraduate and graduate students

Academic / College / Community / Research 

  • Charlie’s research interests centre on exploring and optimizing the neuro-musculo-skeletal system for efficient movement generation and injury prevention.
  • She uses aspects of life sciences, kinesiology and engineering to examine muscle-tendon responses to mechanical, biological and chemical stimuli from the cellular level to the whole body.
  • Previous research projects have included adaptation of the muscle-tendon unit with exercise / pediatric development / hormonal status, examining tendon injury and repair in high cholesterol environments, and the use of telerehabilitation for tendon injuries.
  • She has mentored and supervised numerous research student projects
  • Publications- Google Scholar

Sport / Activity Background / Hobbies

  • In her spare time, Charlie enjoys exploring the north shore mountains on foot, having been a recreational runner since her teens.