The Criminal Justice department was established more than 30 years ago by former police officer Bruce Campbell, who was its first chair. The program is highly respected by those who recruit police officers, corrections staff, and court services employees such as sheriffs. The Vancouver Police Department, for instance, refers students interested in working for it to Langara College. Criminal Justice graduates have found the program has increased their employability and the scope of their employment opportunities.

In 2019, the Criminal Justice department also began offering a Diploma in Criminology, intended for those students wishing to complete two years of university-transferable credits before transferring to a Bachelor’s degree program. This popular program has allowed many students to successfully transfer to SFU, UBC, and other institutions to pursue further studies.

Criminal Justice

Students in our programs learn about how the Canadian criminal justice system functions and the underlying theoretical concepts determining its operation. Students learn about Canada’s legal system and the rule of law. Students will examine historical and contemporary issues in policing, corrections and the expanding role of private security in Canada. Students will also learn about common research methods used in criminology and how multiculturalism and diversity impacts on the criminal justice system.

From a more practical perspective, students will find out what careers are available in the area of criminal justice, and how they can qualify for them.

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