Course-Based Research (solely for pedagogical purposes):

Research Involving Humans

  • Guidelines on how to make an Application to the LREB
  • Download the Research Ethics Application Form
  • Instructions:
    1. Download the Research Ethics Application and complete it on your computer. Hand written applications will not be accepted.
    2. Please refer to the appropriate college policies before completing this application.
    3. Email a signed, scanned electronic copy of the application form and all supporting documents (including the TCPS 2 - CORE-2022 Certificate of Completion) to the LREB Chair.
    4. If you require assistance, contact the LREB Chair.  
    5. Incomplete applications cannot be processed and will be returned to the applicant.
    6. The LREB encourages applicants to consult with Langara's qualitative and quantitative research consultants, who are able to assist with study design and methodology.
  • Submission
    • Please submit the completed application form and all supporting documents to the LREB Chair
  • Application Deadlines 
    • Delegated reviews: For research that qualifies for delgated review, completed applications may be submitted at any time. 
    • Full board reviews: All applications that require full board review must be emailed to the LREB Chair ( at least two weeks (14 days) prior to the scheduled meetings.
Additional Help

For assistance including research design, funding, methods and methodology, ethics, analysis, reporting, and knowledge dissemination, please contact:

  • Yue-Ching Cheng - Social Science, Humanities, and Creative Arts Research Coordinator
  • Nathan Jones - Science and Technology Research Coordinator

Harmonized Reviews

If your research involves other researchers or institutions in British Columbia, you should submit a single application for Harmonized Review through UBC's RISe platform. You will select Langara College as a primary affiliation or site of research. For more information about completing a harmonized review, consult the Guidelines for Harmonized Review and the Research Ethics BC website.