The Langara Research Ethics Board (LREB) relies on information submitted by investigators to conduct its ethics review.  Investigators seeking LREB ethics review are required to provide sufficient information and supporting documents that would allow for a proper assessment of their study. 

A fully completed research ethics application form must be submitted no less than 14 days ahead of the next scheduled LREB meeting, with all sections appropriately filled and all supporting documents attached.  The application form must be duly signed by both the Principal Investigator and the appropriate Dean.

The LREB may require investigators to submit additional information or documentation to aid in its review.  Likewise, additional information may be required post-approval and/or during the conduct of the research.  Investigators are required to notify the LREB of any changes to the study, especially those that may affect the level of risk to research subjects/participants. 

Investigators who wish to apply for renewal of an already approved research project must notify the LREB before their current notice of approval expires.