About Scholarly Activity at Langara

In a 1990 publication, Scholarship Reconsidered, Ernest Boyer introduced an academic model advocating expansion of the traditional definition of scholarship and research into four types:

  1. Discovery includes original research that advances knowledge
  2. Integration involves the synthesis of information across disciplines
  3. Application of the discipline, including applied research and social innovation that goes beyond the campus
  4. Systematic study and public sharing of teaching and learning

Guided by Boyer’s model of scholarship and the four pillars of discovery, integration, application, and teaching and learning, Langara actively explores and pursues opportunities for scholarly activity and collaborative research.

About IDEAlogue

The IDEAlogue shares and promotes news about scholarly projects and applied research happening in our Langara community. We aim to shine a spotlight on faculty, staff, and administrators here at the College who are reaching out and applying their knowledge and learning to the world beyond the classroom – whether it’s through community partnerships, educational leave, or experimental research.

We also aim to connect Langara scholars with information about the potential funding available to them. If you’re working on a project, please let us know by getting in touch at scholarlyactivity@langara.ca.