General Information:

Langara’s Scholarly Activity Steering Committee (SASC) has oversight of the Research and Scholarly Activity Funds, ie. ARC Fund and ARC Release.

ARC Release provides one section of release time for a researcher to write a proposal for an external grant or build capacity such that the research program is ready to compete for an external grant.


  1. At the completion of the grant semester the grantee has a complete application for a substantial external grant through SSHRC, NSERC (e.g. the College and Community Innovation Program), or comparable agency; OR
  2. At the completion of the grant semester the grantee has significantly further developed existing research capacity and is well positioned to apply for a substantial external grant (eg. SSHRC, NSERC, or comparable).

Priority Considerations:

  1. The application identifies a target external grant fund and explains how the proposed activities will fulfill the grant criteria.
  2. The applicant has a body of relevant work. Typically, a successful applicant has completed an ARC Fund project or equivalent.
  3. The applicant has pursued or has plans to pursue a partnership or collaboration with a private sector or nonprofit organization, if appropriate for the target external grant.
  4. The application clearly articulates how Objective 1 or 2 will be accomplished.
  5. Student involvement is strongly recommended, but not required unless specified in the target grant criteria. 

Applications are adjudicated by a multi-disciplinary committee; please ensure your responses are free of discipline-specific jargon and are appropriate for committee members who may not be familiar with the established principles of your discipline. Please see the Getting Started website for details of the adjudication process and rubric.

How to Apply:

Complete and submit the online application, including all requested supporting documentation (CV) and ensure that it is reviewed by your Department Chair and Dean before submission.

Your CV should include details of your publications, conference presentations, and participation in scholarly or professional associations.

Upon completion of the funded activity, the summary for external communication form must be sent to your Dean and Department Chair. You will be expected to participate in an annual event designed to promote Research and Scholarly Activity.

The project must be in compliance with all relevant College research policies, including but not limited to approval from the Langara Research Ethics Board (LREB). Funds will be released when approval is confirmed.

Please contact Kelly Sveinson, Chair, Applied Research Centre, if you require further information.

Funds are non-transferable and funding allocation is subject to review by the Scholarly Activity Steering Committee at any time.