The Nutrition and Food Service Management department was founded in 1966 and is currently home to both the Nutrition and Food Service Management Diploma Program, and the Associate of Science Degree in Dietetics, and other university transferable courses. All food service, nutrition and support services courses are taught by Registered Dietitians with specialized knowledge in their subject areas.   

The Nutrition Management diploma provides students with the education and training needed for careers in food service management, with a strong focus on nutrition and the healthcare sector. The faculty specializes in the administration of food and support services for healthcare facilities, as well as nutrition, and are recognized for their practical experience in these areas. Courses offered by the department are all 100% online. Graduates work in management and supervisory roles, such as Support Services manager, Food Service manager, Food Service Supervisor and Diet Technician, primarily in health care food service operations.

The majority of these food service theory courses are university-transferable and are part of the Associate of Science (Dietetics) prerequisite curriculum required for application to the dietetics degree program at UBC. Several upper level courses transfer to third and fourth year at UBC and can be used for dietetic academic upgrading, or to meet upper-level degree program elective requirements.  

Many arts and science students also opt to take nutrition and food service courses as electives. Nutrition and Sports Nutrition are some of the most popular online and university-transferable courses.   

The department works in cooperation with industry professionals to keep program content current and relevant, reflecting the ongoing changes in healthcare systems and regulations as well as other areas of the industry.