The Diploma in Food, Nutrition, and Health Transfer is a limited enrolment program, developed in collaboration with UBC. Graduates of this program will receive acceptance to the Land and Food Systems Faculty and be eligible to apply to the 3rd year of BSC in Food, Nutrition and Health at UBC. The diploma provides the first two years of Arts and Sciences prerequisite courses for the Dietetics Major at UBC, and completing this diploma may improve a student’s chances for admission.

The Food, Nutrition and Health Transfer program is a second year entry program, to which students apply after completing the 10 courses listed in the Admission Requirements tab.  Applications received without these courses completed will not be processed.  If you have questions – please contact the Primary Contact listed above.

The Diploma in Food, Nutrition, and Health Transfer Program has rigorous admission criteria. To remain in this program students have 4 years to complete the required curriculum, and must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0. The application criteria include a resume, showing Canadian work and/or volunteer experience that demonstrates commitment to dietetics as a career choice. This mirrors the requirements to UBC’s dietetic program, and can include:

    • involvement in activities related to food and nutrition;
    • experience in institutional foodservices and/or in a health care environment;
    • activities involving direct exposure to and interaction with dietitians; and
    • certificates related to food and nutrition.

Those students who are unable to maintain the cumulative GPA of 3.0, or are unable to complete the diploma requirements in 4 years, will not be able to continue in the Diploma in Food, Nutrition, and Health Transfer Program. Instead, they have the option of transferring to the Associate of Science in Food and Nutrition Program or the Diploma in Nutrition and Food Service Management Program.

Please note, admission to the Dietetics Major is competitive and admission is not guaranteed. While students who complete the Diploma in Food, Nutrition, and Health Transfer receive automatic acceptance to the Land and Food Systems Faculty at UBC, and this places them in a better situation, there is still an application process for one of the limited number of seats at UBC. 

Students who plan on applying to UBC’s Dietetic program should understand that their application to Dietetics has to happen after they get accepted to the Food, Nutrition and Health Program. The Dietetics program also requires that you complete 2 courses through UBC non-degree studies - FNH 200 and LFS 250 - and that these are completed before the application to dietetics is made. It is recommended to begin the process to complete these courses early, as it can be hard to get a seat in the courses.

View our program's pathway flowchart here.