Criteria for request of Off Campus Final Examinations

The College sets the time and date of final exams.  A computer lab will be available on campus, invigilated by the course instructor for students to write the exam in. All students are expected to be on campus.  However, we do recognize that some students are remote, and cannot write exams on campus.  International students are expected to complete the exams on campus, as they do have an expectation to be on campus.  Exceptional circumstances would be the only reason as to why an international student writes an exam off campus. 

Should a student not be able to be on campus at that time and date, the student will need to fill out a request form (posted on Brightspace) and inform the instructor and the Department Assistant at the earliest possible time (Sixth Friday of the term). Students should expect to justify why they require an off-campus exam.  The Department Chair will need to approve all international students who request an off-campus exam.  

It is the responsibility of the student to arrange a proctor/invigilator to oversee/supervise the final exam and cover any cost associated with the invigilation process, that complies with the requirements listed below, and occurring as close as possible to the time the exam is being given on campus.

Note: Failure to complete the "Off-Campus Exam Invigilation Request Form” within the deadline will mean that the final exam will be written on campus, with the class, at the given times, or the student can defer the final exam to a later date. This is a non-negotiable deadline.  

The definition of remote is 50 km or more from Langara.  This is approximately the area from:

  • Northwest – Squamish, Whistler and far North;  
  • East – Maple Ridge, Mission, Murrayville, Aldergrove, Abbotsford 

Who is an invigilator?  

An invigilator (also known as proctor) is someone who oversees/supervises while you write the exam (final exam) for this course.  

Note: Your invigilator has the password to unlock your exam. 

Who qualifies as an invigilator?

To qualify as an invigilator, the person you select MUST meet all the following criteria AND be one of the professionals listed below: 

  • Be 19 or older and not living with you or related to you (no family members or friends)
  • Have a separate professional/work email/phone number  
  • Be willing to prove their identity/credentials
  • Be fully present for the duration of the exam to ensure academic integrity is maintained

Professionals acceptable as invigilators may be one of the following: 

  • A member of the Canadian Society of Nutrition Management such as Food Service Supervisor/Manager/Director
  • A Registered Dietitian 
  • A school teacher from the Kindergarten to Grade 12 system
  • A post-secondary instructor - not a Langara instructor  
  • A librarian (public library) - not a Langara librarian 
  • Proctoring center – University, college or free standing 

Note: Be careful when choosing your proctor or proctoring center because you will not be allowed to change it after completing the “Off-campus Exam Invigilation form”.

Acceptable invigilated situations

The location of the invigilation will be:  

  • A quiet desk or office, that can be monitored at all times by the proctor  
  • A personal computer that is visible to the proctor at all times during the writing of the exam.  
  • A computer that is the property of the setting, but the screen is visible to the proctor at all times  
  • The location has a reliable, secure internet connection.

Approximate cost of proctoring

Any cost incurred by the need for an invigilated exam will be the responsibility of the student.

An approximate cost from Canadian Proctoring Centers goes as low $50 CAD per 3 hours and max $70 CAD per 3 hours.