Jul 31, 2015

Vancouver BC – Langara’s School of Nursing term 9 students Jessica Machado and Persis Johal were assigned to St. Paul’s Hospital Cardiac Surgery Intensive Care Unit (CSICU) in the Fall of 2014 to work with Annemarie Kaan, MCN, RN, CCN(c), CCTN, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Heart Failure/Transplantation, and their nurse educator, Veryl Tipliski, on a family shadowing experience. Shadowing helps to better understand the family hospital experience and to discover any care gaps.

Jessica and Persis learned that family members wanted a better visitation experience on the CSICU. The communication that families received was inconsistent at times, and the visitation policy varied.

These findings inspired SPH staff to explore the idea for a charter, a pledge whereby the nurses would outline what they are committed to with open visitation, to help families have a better visitation experience.

The study will be held in the St. Paul’s Hospital Cardiac Surgery Intensive Care unit (CSICU) to evaluate the implementation of an open visitation charter and its role in supporting nurses to create a more patient and family-centered experience.

To learn more about their findings, please visit the link below: