Jul 31, 2015

Eden Philosophy

Vancouver BC – During Summer of 2015, Term II Nursing Students at Holy Family Hospital adapted Providence Health Care’s 'Eden Alternative' as the guiding philosophy of care by modifying a poster for local neighbourhoods. The Eden philosophy is based on 10 principles that, when followed, provide guidance on how we can help elders continue living meaningful lives when they become too frail to live independently. It creates an environment that reduces feelings of loneliness, helplessness, and boredom experienced by many elders living in care homes.

The original poster was created by Term II students in 2008 and has pictures of staff working with residents in the neighbourhoods. These pictures were placed on the ‘Eden Tree’ poster which depicted the acronym CAREGIVER. 

Term II students involved in this project were:

  • Andrew Yan
  • Benita Minhas
  • Patricia Malit
  • Ann Tran
  • Melanie Chung
  • David So
  • Balpreet Nijjar
  • Shaaniya Chandra

School of Nursing Instructor:  Karima Kassam