Tips to help you succeed mathematics at Langara:

  • Go to class.
    Your instructor is there to help you succeed, and your fellow classmates can become study partners. Actively participate: listen, take notes and ask questions.
  • Practice/study every day.
    Math is not a spectator sport. Watching someone solve math problems is not the same as doing them yourself. Daily practice helps build your confidence and moves your brain away from the panic button at test time. Never cram for a math test and get a good sleep the night before a test.
  • Get to know your instructor.
    Your instructor is available for individual help during regularly scheduled office hours or by appointment.
  • Learn from your mistakes.  
    A test or homework is a learning experience, not just a way to evaluate knowledge. When work is returned to you, go over it to make sure you understand your mistakes.
  • Develop a ‘can do’ attitude.
    Try not to let fear or negative experiences turn you off math. Enter your math course with an open mind and be persistent.
  • Get more help when you need it.  
    The math instructors want you to succeed. Visit them during their office hours to get one-on-one help with your course material or visit the Math & Stats Activity Centre.