For more information on our current wait list procedures, check the current registration guide.

If you are unable to access a section for any reason, you should call the registration helpline at 604-323-5595 (for general registration help) or contact the Department Student Advisor at 604-323-5583 or

Prerequisites are checked as you register, so it should not happen that you were able to register in a course and then later discovered that you were not registered, unless your prerequisite changes. Similarly, you will be able to join a waitlist only if your prerequisites are current and in the system. (Please note that the system will let you register/waitlist if you are currently registered in the prerequisite course at Langara. However, after final exams, and before the semester starts, the registration system will check your prerequisites again and if you did not get a high enough grade then you will be dropped.)

Fall Registration: If you have applied to Langara while still in high school, you can register in late June/early July based on your interim high school grades. If your final high school grade ends up being lower than required, then in August you will be dropped from the course you registered for.


Helpful Hint: You should always take a moment to print your class schedule when you have finished registering, and then again after the "must pay by this date" day, to make sure that you are in the correct classes.


The prerequisite check is based only on data that has been entered into the registration computer system. It is your responsiblity to check on-line that all your high school grades and all your transfer credit grades are accurately recorded on your on-line file. Neither actually having completed the prerequisite courses, nor having them listed on a transcript sent to the College, is sufficient. Transcripts used for admission to the College are not automatically entered into the web registration system. If you need an item as a prerequisite, then it is your responsibility to explicitly request that it be entered (and requests for transfer credit from other institutions are supposed to be made at least six weeks before your registration date). Also most prerequisites remain valid for just 3 years, so if you completed the high-school-level prerequisite course more than 3 years ago, then you will have to write the Math Diagnostic Test. Before your registration date arrives, check on-line to see what items have actually been entered in your file.


Remember - high school courses completed somewhere other than BC cannot be used as prerequisites for calculus and precalculus courses. If you completed high school out of BC, then you must write the Math Diagnostic Test.

  • Visit the courses page to see the prerequisites for a particular course.

  • If you don't have exactly the listed items completed within the past 3 years (this includes cases where what you have is at a higher level than what is listed), then you must apply for Transfer Credit and/or a Prerequisite Override. [For Transfer Credit, go to the Registrar's Office. For Prerequisite Overrides, contact the Math Student Advisor.] If you want to see whether what you have will be accepted as equivalent to what is required, then

    1. for courses at other B.C. post-secondary institutions use the B.C. Transfer Guide at

    2. for university and college courses elsewhere, apply for Transfer Credit and/or consult the Math Student Advisor

    3. for high school level courses completed out of the province of British Columbia, or completed more than three years ago, you must write the Math Diagnostic Test

  • For advice about what course to select based on your background and goals, click here

  • For other information about our department and its offerings check our departmental home page

  • For information not available there, please call the department information line at 604-323-5583, or email our Student Advisor at, or contact our department chair.

Overrides: Students can only take a Math course two times, without requesting a "repeat" override. Students who want to take a course for a third time must request an override from the department advisor; usually the override will be given after other students have had an opportunity to register. Students wishing to repeat a course may be required to agree to conditions around such things as attending class, doing homework, etc.